I’ve lost my mojo…

Hello all,

I haven’t blogged in a little while, a mixture of:

These little monkeys keeping me busy….

… and other projects that keep getting in the way.

Although I have been keeping myself up to date with all things quilty, it seems I have temporarily lost my mojo… I have started three projects recently (for me not other people) and abandoned them half way through.

It’s not that they are not beautiful, it’s not that I’m not totally in love with the fabrics… I can’t put my finger on it.

In anticipation of my mojo returning, I have ordered some more gorgeous fabrics from my favourite supplier and eagerly await their arrival.  In the meantime I will crack on with a project I have on the go for a friend.

Whilst browsing Rachel’s gorgeous blog I stumbled across this little beauty… I know it’s nowhere near Christmas but how beautiful is this wreath!!! I know what’s going to be hanging on our front door this year.

So after that post about nothing, I’ll wish you a Happy Friday:-)

PS. If anyone finds my mojo please send it back to me asap